Some of these consultations appear elsewhere on the One Voice site however they are also all in this section – so hopefully you don’t miss any.

It is important that you express you views as often as you can and through as many methods as you can.

Government consultations ending in March 2013
Government consultation on Staff Deployment (inc Ratios) Ends 25th March
Government consultations ending in April 2013

Link to government consultation on early years educators qualifications – Ends 5pm 22nd April

Have your say on Children and Families Bill – including childminder agencies – ends 23rd April 2013

Government consultations ending in May 2013

Consultation on proposed changes to local authority role – ends 6th May

Consultation on proposed changes to early years inspections – ends 24th May 13

A online survey from Ofsted re good early years provission


Apologies for not keeping this page up to date


Government consultations ending in September 2013

Consultation on the regulation of childcare – ends 30th September


Government consultations ending in October 2013

Consultation on primary assessment – ends 11th October

Consultation on system of school organisation – ends 24th October


Short survey’s by organisations

This is a short survey gathering the views of childminders on the ideas in More Great Childcare has been set up by the Family Information Service

Link to survey

A short survey from NCMA for all childminders – members and non members

NCMA survey for members and non members

Parenta survey on childminder agencies

Survey from National Day Nurseries Association – for everyone, not just members

A twitter based short survey on childminder agencies

A short survey for childminders in Cheshire East from their FIS

Another survey from NCMA – this one is for nursery workers

Survey to feed into the IPPR research that Pacey have commissioned


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  2. i think personally as an early years professional, that the child sector should be left alone. why change what dosent need to be changed, costs are high as the cost of living is high, petrol costs, gas/electric is high, we have to pay these, as much as parents have to pay theres. Who will cover our costs, resources, paperwork, out of hours time?

    I am a level 5 professional in the early years, all my work is recommendation, my families, have no issues or concerns with the quality of care, or the quantity of care.
    Who will fund the agency: the minder, the parent or the govt?

    Miss Truss has no experience in this sector, in nurseries, in minders. She has a nanny who is 1 to 1, with her children. Parents can’t afford a nanny. She is only going on hear say from other countries. Focus more on criminals, child abusers, rather than the early years sector. Give support to social workers to help them support abused children/babies, more support to nspcc, in this country.

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