In this section you will find blogs by various people – this will be in the form of links to that persons blog.

This should save time having to find the right pages- but remember it may be worth the time and effort to explore these blogs a bit more

Blogs by Beth Thomas                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This blog by Beth Thomas is about when she and colleagues met with Tim Loughtom MP. Useful information about how to make your voice heard

Link to Beth’s blog on how to have your say

Blogs by Elizabeth Truss                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In order to provide a balanced view, here are some links to Elizabeth Truss’s blog. Those most relevant have been included but if interested in reading more other blogs can be accessed once on the Conservative Home blog.

We need a childcare revolution – Oct 7th 11

Going Dutch – 19th April 12

Tackling the toddler achievement gap – 27th Nov 12

Looking at French style childcare – 8th January 13

Blogs by Julian Grenier

Truss and Ratios

GCSE’s needed to care for children?

When is a teacher not a teacher – 3rd March 13

Leading researchers express concerns about proposals in More Great Childcare

Blogs by Louise Dillion

Louise has a section on her blog to do with childcare – and as a working parent using a childminder, maybe looks at things with different eyes to those providing childcare or advising about childcare.

Link to Louise Dillion’s blogs

Blogs by Crispin Jones

A letter to MP re Truss proposals

The real cost of childcare

As I am bound to miss loads of really good blogs – please send me details of any blogs that you think should be included to

Blogs by Early Arts

Blog by Ruth Churchill Dower for Earlyarts April 13

Various blogs by others

Blog from ‘Guilty Mum’ on her meeting with Ms.TrussOn this page you will find guest blogs and one off blogs

Guest blog from Penelope Leach on Mumsnet

Tots 100 bloggers meet Elizabeth Truss

A blog from one of the bloggers who met with Ms. Truss

Thoughts on childcare reform by Claire Walsh who met with Ms.Truss

A blog by Joe Lepper through his blog ‘News and Features’ called PR and policy disaster of the week

A blog from community Playthings on Who speak for the child

Interesting blog by Courteney Donaldson, Director and Head of Childcare, Christie + Co

Blog by David Renfree about childcare in France

Blog from chair of Hunky Dory Early Years – includes a letter that can be edited and used

One thought on “BLOGS

  1. I will not be joining any agency – there is no advantage to joining an agency – Mr Truss is selling this as it will be a great advantage to those who struggle with paperwork – I cant see how this can be the case as
    1) apparently under EYFS 2012 the focus on paperwork in early years inspections will be greatly reduced – (its still early days and the proof will be in the pudding as we see more and more childminder accounts of their inspections and what their resulting grades will say about it all)

    2) Everyones paper work has to be individual so I can just see that an agency would provide minders with templates to work from – well there are loads of templates of childminding paperwork out there – a great deal of it is free on and other stuff can be bought quite cheaply so that service will be surplus to requirements

    3) Again our accounts are personal we all have different expenses and we certainly don’t want someone telling us what we have to spend or when – if we need help with our tax return we have various groups and forums that we can help each other from or we can make a one off annual payment to an accountant to do that for us which will be a great deal less costly to us than paying out a percentage of our incomes for a service that we may never need.

    I have 100’s of objections – but another one of my bug bears is that these are our homes and as a great many of us don’t earn a vast fortune from our work our mortgages or rent are often mainly paid for from our partners wage and therefore nobody should have the right to tell us how we run our homes and I feel that money grabbing agencies will not have the slightest bit of respect for our homes or our families needs – I can imagine them threatening to fine us or strike us off their lists if we don’t take on extra children or families who we don’t click with etc – I have no intentions of being treated as an employee with out employee perks such as paid sick leave and holidays etc.

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