This section will contain a range of research documents and reports.

More reports will be added in due course

These are provided for information and to enable people to read and decide for themselves if the government are basing the proposals in ‘More Great Childcare’ on research based evidence or not.

As a personal observation – When did they government change their mind about the things they used to refer to in statutory documents?

New research document from ncb about parents views of quality in home base settings

Report from The Economist Intelligence Report – ‘Starting Well’

Reseach into the Dutch childcare system from Daycare Trust by Eva Lloyd

Foundations for Quality – The Nutbrown Review

Report on understanding Speech, language and communication needs

Quality, outcomes and costs in early years education

Early Intervention – Next Steps

Save the children report – Laying the Foundations

Centre Forum report – Surest Route

Measuring the quality of teacher / child interactions

Final EPPE report – The whole thing

Key findings from EPPE report pre -school to end key stage 1

Wikipedia article on secure attachments in children

National Network for Childcare article on attachments

Birth to Three – review of Literature

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – so not new stuff but still very relevant

Attachment Disorders – What happens if children’s emotional needs are not met

Link to some current research being carried out by IPPR with support of the Nuffield Foundation

The document in the link below has been forwarded to me by a couple of people, and I read it with interest. Lesley Evans who is the author of the report has now forwarded it herself and given permission for it to be included on One Voice
Lesley Evans Research Brief. Factors supporting quality childminder practice and provision.

Leading researchers express concerns over proposals in More Great Childcare

Wave Trust report – March 13

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