Meetings – National and Local

Please use this section to tell people about any local or national meetings that are being arrange to discuss issues around the ‘More Great Childcare’ document.

Details can be added as a comment or they can be emailed to and they will be added to this page.

Please remember to include either a phone or email contact.

To start us of I have heard that Ms. Truss is keen to meet with childminders who have an open mind and are interested in finding out more about the agencies. However I do not have any details about where or when.

If you know about any meeting with Ms. Truss or indeed with anyone else where the subject is going to be agencies please could share the information with everyone via One Voice.
Meeting in Northamptonshire
Information has been received from several different people that there is an opportunity for childminders in Northamptonshire to meet with Ms. Truss, sometime during the last week of February. Unfortunately can not a provide the contact details as do not have permission to do so. However it is assume if you live in Northamptonshire you will already have contact details.

It is understand they are keen for those who are interested in agencies to attend the meeting.

You have to wonder if there are any other meetings being arranged as to ask the opinions from just one area seems not very fair or for research purposes very reflective of the views of childminders across the country.

Choice of two meetings for NDNA members

Chance to meet with Sharon Hodgson MP to discuss MGC on FRIDAY 5th APRIL – Elliot Terrace , Washington

One thought on “Meetings – National and Local

  1. I have had invite for this meeting but we have no date [ only near end of feb] and no idea where it will be, we just had to express an interest if we wanted to attend…the invite stated if we were for agencies or had an open mind about it and wanted to be included in the meeting

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