An Alternative to More Great Childcare – What are our ideas?

On 6th June a petition was set up calling on the Government to scrap More Great Childcare – and to consult with everyone involved before publishing alternative proposals.

Link to Stop, Listen, Consult petition

It is hope that the petition will gain the support of parents, early years practitioners, early years experts, health professionals, teaching professionals, membership organisations – in fact people for all areas of society who care about the children of this country – both this generation and future generations.

However it is not enough to just ask for the Government to scrap More Great Childcare and to consult, we need to be proactive in supporting the Government to come up with workable ideas that are financially viable, based on research – and in the best interests of the children.

So the idea of this section is to provide EVERYONE with the opportunity to put forward their ideas.

To try and keep some sort of order to the ideas – in this section there is a page for as many different groups of people that have been thought of – but if you think other groups need adding please say so – and they will be added.

The idea is that you add your ideas to the comment section most appropriate to you. Please try not to ramble but to keep your points clear. For admin reasons please could everyone restrict themselves to a maximum of 10 points / ideas.

The comments will be printed, and all used to help inform the government. Hopefully it will also be possible to collate and produce a joint ‘vision’ with the ten most popular suggestions.

Thank You for your support and ideas

6 thoughts on “An Alternative to More Great Childcare – What are our ideas?

  1. I think instead of putting up ratio’s so that childcare providers can lower their fees which only impacts the childcare provider the government should allow all parents with children in childcare to be able to pay all of their childcare fees before they are taxed on their wages instead of just £243.00 of it. This way the parents will save on their childcare fees and the childcare provider doesn’t need to take on more children and lower fees, this will impact the children and put them at risk. The government want to lower childcare fees, let the government pay the difference.

  2. Great idea Penny. Ok here’s my thoughts.
    1. Straight forward clear qualification route for all – keeping level 2 for childminding assistants, childcare workers; level 3 for dept managers and cm; level 4/5/6 for managers, owners, EYP’s.
    2. Reassess entry requirements to make it more accessible and fair. ALN tests for those that want to do level 2, GCSE Eng and Maths for level 3
    3. Have the ability to request additional inspection.
    4. Reassess floor space so that there is adequate space for all the children attending the setting.
    5. Have the Local Authority continue with their support, training and guidance.
    6. New childminders to be supported in conjunction with LA and other support groups such as PACEY and PLA.
    7. Pay help with childcare directly to the childcare provider so not the parents and the childcarer then gets the payment they are entitled to.
    8. Ratios need to be made clearer.
    9. Easy access to vital training.

  3. I agree with Jackie on all her points. I also would like to add that the current tax credit or universal credit system is easily open to fraudulent claim, potentially wasting lots of government funds and we do not know how parents are using the money – possibly not to benefit their child. One phone call with a change in circumstances and payments can be increased.

    The expected qualifications should be for ALL settings, a uniform approach.

    Voucher schemes, childcare tax credit and nursery education funding should all be combined to one easy system where the providers receive the payment directly. A condition of these direct payments is that they are spent on staff, training and resources for the children.

    I also think some kind of financial incentive should be in place for settings who achieve a good or outstanding Ofsted grading, so direct payments are increased – on condition that the increased payment should be spent on the staff or further resources. This would provide a massive incentive and encourage settings to continuously improve practice, hopefully raising quality across the board, providing ‘great childcare’.

    Ratios do need to be made clearer but there does need to be flexibility to allow for exceptional circumstances or short periods of time/overlaps. Children with additional needs also need to be considered along with children who are far ahead of the expected ‘norms’ for their age. What I am trying to say is an approval system where all parents are consulted along with the LA or Ofsted to seek variations under certain circumstances.

    I personally would be prepared to pay a higher Ofsted annual fee to maintain my status as an independent childminder and avoid agencies being in place.

  4. I feel that we will never move forward until policy is directly informed by research and practice. The best model that I know if is the Plowden Report. Still a very good, if somewhat dated, read.
    There is also a need to develop training in child development as a basis for all teaching -in the broadest sense – qualifications. Not just those in EY. All adults working with children in whatever capacity should understand what is developmentally appropriate.

  5. 1. Clear qualification structure across the whole sector which would be limited to
    Early Years Teacher/Early Years Professional (Status) for (Childminders/Supervisors/Managers/Owners)
    Early Years Graduate for (Childminders/Supervisors/Managers/Owners)
    Early Years Level 3 for (Childminders/Assistants/setting workers)
    Early Years Level 2 for (Assistants/supervised workers)
    2. Full or part funding and support available to achieve desired level of any of the above qualifications including maths and English where necessary.
    3. The ‘responsible person’ including childminders being qualified to a minimum of level 3 by September 2017 and after that new entrants with a level 3 already
    4. Other workers in the sector who are not the ‘responsible person’ and who are working under supervision should be qualified or working towards a level 2 qualification as a minimum by September 2017 and after that new entrants with a level 2 already
    5. Removal of childminder/childminding assistant/nursery worker/nursery supervisor labels and replaced by the level of your qualification regardless of type of setting
    6. Anyone qualified to level 3 allowed to be left alone with children for an indefinite amount of time as long as they are registered with Ofsted and have CRB, parents have agreed in writing, they hold a first aid certificate and they stick within the current ratios
    7. Floor space to be left to a setting’s discretion with outdoor areas and useable kitchen areas to be taken into account. This could be assessed at inspection and notice given to make changes if space is being over-utilised.
    8. Financial incentive to take on an Early Years Appentice to be paid to the employer and not the apprentice
    9. All childcare workers to be required to undertake a certain number of CPD hours per year commensurate with their qualification
    10.Where parents/carers work, childcare payments paid direct to the provider via their workplace or a 3rd party and before tax deductions are made

    • Thank you Emma – A comprehensive list of suggestions, that have clearly been thought through.

      We can only hope that the Government also take the time to think things though

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