Thursday May 9th – and all news from this day!

There has been so much news and information today that although maybe else where on this site, it has been linked together on this page. Will keep adding to – as more information becomes available

Newsnight 9th May 13

Link to Newsnight where ratios debated

Guardian Article about ratios

A summary of some of the issues about ratios and campaigns

Link to actual letters between Truss and Clegg

Leaked letters between Clegg and Truss

Article about coalition government split

News about possible split in government

Childminder Amanda and Eva Lloyd interviewed on Radio 4 PM programme

Interviews on Radio 4

Stephen Twigg leads call for Commons vote
Labour call for Commons vote

The transcript of question asked by Stephen Twigg

Transcript of actual ‘urgent question’

Urgent Questions asked in House of Commons
Nursery World article about Truss being called back to answer urgent questions

IPPR reseach initial findings

The actual IPPR press release about their findings

Nursery World article about IPPR research

Release of initial findings from IPPR in Nursery World

News late in day 8th May – reaching most people early in morning of 9th May

News that Clegg has concerns

One thought on “Thursday May 9th – and all news from this day!

  1. Today has been an incredibly active day – news on all media!…. I sincerely hope that Clegg is genuinely querying ratios and how they will be a safeguarding problem, and that increasing ratios won’t make childcare costs less for parents… and that it is not only for political gain and votes.

    Looking forward to seeing June on Newsnight tonight.

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