The views of parents of the children of this country are paramount.

Every child matters and particularly to their parents and extended family. Parents views must be listened to, and so if you are aware of any parent led campaign please email me the details so that they can be added here

It does not matter if parents campaigns are small local ones or bigger national ones – all are important and hopefully by providing links to the information here,  it will not only generate interest from others, but will also provide evidence of parents feelings and wishes for their children.

Kate Evans Campaign                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I received an email recently from Kate Evans which I have copied part of  below. Please contact Kate direct if you want to find out more about her campaign

Hi Penny,

 I’m the parent of a child in nursery, and I’m really upset about ‘More Great Childcare’ (surely that’s an ironic title?). I read the document and produced this leaflet yesterday and set up a facebook group ‘More Great Childcare’.
I also set up the gmail account “” and, though I’m not very good at Twitter, I registered ResistMcChildcare there too.
My email address is
Kate Evans

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