In this section you will find articles and letters that have appeared in the national and local newspapers and magazines.

I have tried to put them under the publication that they first appeared in but sometimes due to people sharing and sending to more than one publications – this has not always been possible

Those with just a few articles or letters are listed here – where as those with numerous articles have their own sub section

Please send any that I have not yet included to

Articles in The Guardian

Zoe Williams – Has Ms.Truss tried looking after six toddlers

Link to Heather Stewarts article

Link to letter by Gill Haynes

Link to article by Helen Russell

Link to Guardian editorial – 29th Jan 13

Link to Poly Toynbee article

Article about children going to school to young 9th March 13

Article about childcare help in budget 24th March 13

Divide in government about childcare plans? 9th April 2013

Article by Policy Network

Why we need to invest in childcare

Article from Press Release Distribution

Statement from Andy Morris – Asquith Nurseries

Articles from Progressonline

Article by Meg Hillier MP on waiting for the Childcare revolution

Article from Voice

Article about the cost of childcare 6th March 13

Articles in Govtoday

Opinion from Neil Leitch Pre-School Learning Alliance

Comment from NASUWT (teaching union)

Articles from

Article on growing anxiety

Simple YES / NO poll on if cutting staff ratios would reduce the quality of care in early years settings

Short Yes / NO poll

Articles in The Telegraph

Article on the need to sort out childcare costs – from a business point of view

Article on Lord Davies view why tax breaks are needed to enable mothers to return to work

Article about Truss ideas making things worse

Articles from Parenta

Statement from Sian Nisbett of Dizzy Ducks

Articles in Children and Young People

Early Years regulations fail to root out poor provision

Childminder sets up independent support forum

Children’s Bill introduced without consultation

Childminders claim Truss bans them from Twitter account

Article on NDNA staff ratio survey

Truss fails to meet major childcare providers 3rd June 13

Parents horrified about ratio changes 4th June 13

Articles in Daily Mail

Article in Daily Mail – 10th February

Articles from IPPR

Article from Nick Pearce on Changes to Childcare

First results of research by IPPR 9th April 13

Coverage from BBC

Clegg now saying won’t back ratio increaseThese articles are from BBC New online

Huge and angry response to childcare plans 8th Feb 13

The clip below includes a video clip

Worries over childcare plans

Veiw points on childcare changes

Childcare ratios could hit nurseries in poorer areas – 3rd March 13

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