ORIGINAL PETITION – Drop plans to increase child to adult ratios

Due to the governments decision not to push ahead with increased ratios – this petition has now been closed

HOWEVER – although delighted with this news – there are still a lot of issues within More Great Childcare to be challenged.

There a new petition has been set up – calling on the government to scrap More Great Childcare
and in particular the parts that relate to Childminder agencies, the role of the LA, and the new specific early years qualifications

Link to new petition

This petition is sometimes referred to as the original Petition because it was the first one to be created to petition against the proposed increases to ratios.

It was started by Penny Webb with the support of Laura Henry and Nathan Archer.

The official supporters are the Pre – school Learning Alliance, the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (formally NCMA). and the National Day Nurseries Association

Link to Ratios petition

These are some of the comments made on the petition site

Helen from DERBY,
Higher qualifications does not mean more hands! Staff need time with each child to build relationships, play, and cuddle. They need to feel secure with their carer – how can this be done with 1:4 or 1:6? Its a hard enough job as it is without adding to the pressure. It will lead to a two tier nursery provision – people who can afford higher rates will choose nurseries with better ratio’s and the poorer families will be left with nurseries who offer the new ratio’s as the owners cram more in.

Anne from WORTHING,
I worked for many years in childcare before becoming a lecturer in Early Years and manager of an Early Years Foundation Degree. I am totally opposed to the change in ratios as it will at the very least jepardise child safety

Andrew from STAFFORD,

As a senior lecturer in social work specialising in child development I believe that high quality childcare is essential, and can only be provided in settings with low ratios of children to carers.

Many more comments can be found on the petition site or on the ‘comments from petition page on One Voice

Many thanks to Nathan Archer of Lincolnshire Montessori  for producing the poster and the flyer to promote the petition

Also many thanks to Laura Henry for producing a letter for parents

However if anyone would like the PDF ‘s emailing to them – please just ask


All items provide free and can be used as needed


Petition poster

Link to letter for parents

Article about support from leading early years people for original petition

Please Note

This petition against increased ratios fully supports this petition against childminding agencies. Please consider signing petitions as both issues are not in the best interests of parents, childcare practitioners – or most importantly – the children

Link to agency petition

Leading experts from Early Education have written an excellent article asking for the answers to some very important questions about More Great Childcare for the government to answer. This link also appears on the page for articles from Nursery World but have also included here because Helen Moylett and some of the other signatories have signed the original petition

Some questions from Early Education for the government about More Great Childcare 13th March 13

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