Other responses from MP’s

Interesting response on behalf of Sir Peter Bottomley MP to Rebecca Martland

Interesting because it seems that MP’s are getting large mail bags from concerned people – remember if you have any concerns – you should write to your MP – and the more that write the impact that letters with same or similar concerns will have

Dear Rebecca Martland,

Thank you for your the emails and attachments sent to Sir Peter Bottomley MP in response to the proposed childcare reforms.

Sir Peter has asked me to send his sincere apologies that you did not receive any response sooner. Regrettably the ever increasing sea of campaign messages make it more and more difficult to instantly identify important emails like yours.

Sir Peter wanted me to let you know that he will ensure that your views are put to the Secretary of State for Education: he is very aware that to enable the provision of more high quality childcare and childminders the views of those directly involved are most valuable.

Any response from the Secretary of State will be sent to you with a copy to him.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Colette Hanson

Senior Parliamentary Assistant

Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Member of Parliament for Worthing West

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