Letters to the Prime Minister and Elizabeth Truss

This letter was written by Rebecca Martland to the Prime Minister, who has given permission for it to be included on One Voice.

If you have written to the Prime Minister and would like your letter included – please send it to togetherfor quality@hotmail.co.uk

Rebecca’s Letter
A letter to Mr David Cameron MP and his Government regarding the proposed changes to the Early Years Sector web version

Ruth’s letter
Ruth Denton’s letter to Elizabeth Truss

Penny’s latest letter
Letter to Mr.Cameron, Mr.Gove and Ms.Truss

3 thoughts on “Letters to the Prime Minister and Elizabeth Truss

  1. I also copied the letter to my MP, Lizz Truss and lots of newspapers/childcare mags and on any social media I had access to. Not heard back from the PM or Liz Truss ‘yet’ but it generated a lot of positive responses from other CM’s and has led to a meeting being arranged with a local MP after half term. Thanks for including it on here Penny

  2. I had a letter from No10 today. Basically thanking me for my time and that my letter has been passed to DfE for their consideration

  3. Well at least you got a response – I bet it is on the same lovely paper that my collection of letters are on.

    I can’t help feeling that the PM never sees this letter and some one just sits there adding the different names and sticking in the lovely envelopes. What is the point in writing to the PM if just gets forwarded to DfE?

    At the very least you would hope that person opening the letters tells the PM how many childminders have written to him that week – but the cynic in me says that the PM has no idea.

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