Blogs by Penny Webb (Pre Children and Families Act)

Blogs by me (Penny Webb) from my year long personal campaign against Liz Truss’s ideas

Please note will be adding a few at a time – but in the meantime all my blogs can be viewed once clicked  on any of the links

A plea to Mr. Cameron – 5th Feb 13

Truss versus those who know about childcare

Will the Government listen – an opinion blog

My personal views on More Great Childcare – Part One

My personal views on More Great Childcare – Part Two

My pesonal views on More Great Childcare – Part three

My personal views on More Great Childcare – Part four

Lessons to be learnt from cherry picking

Some personal thoughts about the ccf networks and agencies

A letter to Mr.Cameron, Mr.Gove and Ms.Truss

Are we starting to be listened to? Blog for 3rd March 13

The blog in the link below was written in January 13 and appeared on Penny’s Place Childminding blog. However have decided to post here now as seems appropriate with Cathy Nutbrown’s response to the government. Please take the time to read this blog and the comments left by others.

Looking after higher ratios of children

Blog in response to announcement that unemployed parents to be turned into childminders

Response to Truss’s answers in interview with Pre School Learning Alliance

EY minister unable to answer a straight forward question

Penny’s thoughts on Wave Report and Truss forward

My opinion about Truss’s opinions of unruly toddlers

My blog about Newsnight programme on 23.4.13

Flourish summit Day one – part one

Flourish Summit – Day 1, part two

Response to Ms.Truss’s prepared speech for Nursery World Conference

Next 3 blogs are about childminder agencies
If I joined an Employed model agency

A scenario – but could it become reality?

Another scenario

Support from the National Union of Teachers

The NDNA government funding

4Children funding for hubs versus childminder agencies

Government figures about increased ratios impact

Closing one Petition, Opening another petition

Why you should sign the Stop, Listen, Consult petition

A meeting with Lord Storey

Why I think Childminding Agencies are NOT a good idea

Info about the pilots for childminding agencies

Questions that should be asked about childminding agency pilots

Hands up if you think need to do nothing as childminding agencies are voluntary

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