Articles and letters in Nursery World

Nursery World has a reputation for reporting fairly on all current issues within the childcare sector. They have a printed magazine once a fortnight but also have a online edition that is very up to date

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January 2013 Articles

Sector overwhelmingly opposes ratio changes – 29th Jan 13

Guide to key points in More Great Childcare – 29th Jan 13

Early years teacher to supercede EYP’s – 29th Jan 13

February 2013 Articles

Neil Leitch CEO the Alliance – Why is government not listening to us? 4th Feb 13

Early Years work force stretched to limit – 4th Feb 13

Truss on why introducing childminder agencies – 5th Feb 13

Childminders blocked from Truss Twitter account – 6th Feb 13

Truss faces grilling on Mumsnet – 8th Feb 13

Look to past not Europe – 8th Feb 13

Childminder professionalism at risk – 11th Feb 13

Petitions agist changes to ratios – 11th Feb 13

French childcare system explained – 11th Feb 13

Anger at proposals to replace EYP’s – 11th Feb 13

NCMA childcare survey 12th Feb 13

Childminder launches focus group – 12th Feb 13
Truss only asking to meet those in favour of her views – 25th Feb 13

NCMA to fund IPPR research 25th Feb 13

Childminders more likely to achieve quality practice under LA guidance – 25th Feb 13 –

Government consults on Early years Educator qualifications – 26th Feb 13

Leading experts sign original ratio petition – 27th Feb 13

New childcare website to champion affordable childcare – 27th Feb 13

March 2013 Articles

Pre School Learning Alliance steps up campaign – 1st March 13

Further concerns raised about More Great Childcare – 1st March 13

Online childcare payment system proposed – 1st March 13

La’s fail to ensure enough childcare places – 3rd March 13

Article on childcare costs 6th March 13

Article about the dangers of too few staff 14th March 13

Questions for the government about More Great Childcare from Early Education 13th March 13

Government reforns will put children at risk – 14th March 13

Article about Independent Childminders Social Enterprise 15th March 13

Government extends tax free childcare 19th March 13

Funding the Free Entitlement (also mentions funding for training) 26th March 13

April 2013 Articles

Article questioning if the government does really spend a lot on childcare in this country 8th April 13

Senior lecturer questions if we need Teach First and Ms.Truss’s rationale – 12th April 13

Sector expresses anger at Truss views – 22nd April 13

Save Childhood Movement to be launched at Flourish Summit 26th April 13

Parent groups join campaign against ratio changes – 29th April 13

Ms.Truss visited just 6 pre school settings 29th April 13

Neil Leitch CEO Pre School Learning Alliance speaks out against Truss ideas 29th April 13

Articles from May 2013

Article about Reclain Early Years – day of Action on 1st June – articlefrom 6th May

Nancy Stwart’s Opinion in Nursery World – 6th May 13

Truss called back to answer questions – 9th April 13

Clegg speaks out about ratio changes – 9th May 13

Is it time to find a Lord to lobby and get on board? 10th May 13

Why we are right to protest about increased ratios 14th May 13

Quality Care hangs in balance – says Pat Gordon Smith 20th May 13

Neil Leitch comments after a visit to France 20th May 13

DfE claims about benefits of Ratio increases 24th May 13

Those choosen to deliver strategic support – 24th May 13

Picnic’s as day of action against More Great Childcare proposals 29th May 13

Funding for childcare apprenticeships 29th May 13

Articles from June 2013

Sector reaction to u turn on ratios 6th June 13

Local Authorities say their role vital for 2yr offer 7th June 13

Labour party plans 10th June 13

Truss confirms ratio plans dropped – 11th June 13

Concerns about other proposals in More Great Childcare 17th June 13

Concerns about 2 year olds funding 17th June 13

Articles from July 2013

More affordable childcare key points 16th July 13

Regulation shake up in More Affordable Childcare 16th July 13

Sector reaction to More Affordable Childcare 16th July 13

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