Letters sent to the Department for Education stating not in favour of childminding agencies

It is important that we send as many letters as possible to the department for education – but also we keep a record of how many are sent in.

Therefore it would be helpful if people either let One Voice know they have sent a letter and to give permission for their name to be included here OR to give permission for their actual letter to be published on One Voice

So grateful thanks to the people below who have given permission for their letters to be published here

Barbara Millard                             Barbara letter.dfe re agencies

Tara Malton                                     Tara letter to DFE re agencies

Penny Webb                                     Penny letter to dfe re childminders-agencies

Margaret O’Donnell                     Margaret Letter to DfE re agencies

Patricia A Dickson                         Patricia letter to DfE

Ruth Denton                                    Ruth’s letter to dfe re childminding agencies

Sue Wynne-Jones                          Sue Wynne – Jones letter to DfE

Vicky Read                                      Vicky letter to DfE

Carol Messenger                          Carol Letter to DfE re agencies

Fran Greatorex                            Fran letter to Dfe re agencies

Vickie Osborne                             Vickie letter to DfE

Stacey Green                               Stacey Covering Letter to DfE

Jackie Noakes                             Jackie Letter_to_Dfe_

Vicky Horton                              Vicky H letter to DfE

Lucy Evans                                Lucy Evans – letter to DofE

Cathy Smith                                Cathy Letter to DfE

Jennifer Withers                        Jen letter

List of people who have sent letters to DfE but prefer not to have letter published here

Diane Wilcox                                                                               Julie Dodds

John Dodds                                                                                 Sue Blackman

Elizabeth Manning                                                                   Jane Bromfield

Janis Phillimore                                                                         Maria Coombe

Jean Kemp                                                                                    Lisa Peters

Jacqueline White                                                                       Mary Hewson

Fiona Grey                                                                                   Elaine O’Brien 

 Shirley Martin

Gemma Watkins                                                                        Jennifer McQuillan

3 thoughts on “Letters sent to the Department for Education stating not in favour of childminding agencies

  1. Department for Education
    Castle View House
    East Lane
    WA7 2GJ

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Re: Childcare Agencies

    I am an Accredited Registered Childminder and, in agreement with the majority of child carers, am totally opposed to Childcare Agencies.

    I’m a bit slow off the mark with my comments with regard to proposed Childminding Agencies as it seemed so ludicrous when I heard about them that I didn’t believe the idea would be taken seriously by anyone able to look rationally at the proposition. However, it seems that only child carers are able to do this.

    I’m self-employed as a Childminder – and have been for the last 28 years. I enjoy being self-employed and work hard to provide the best possible care and learning environment for children. If child carers are judged according to the practice of others, how are parents to make an informed decision with regard to a childcare setting for their children? Is it really acceptable that Good or Outstanding Childminders could be judged Unsatisfactory or Satisfactory on the basis of an inspection of their agency or the performance of other child carers within their agency group or, alternatively, that Unsatisfactory or Satisfactory childminders receive a Good or Outstanding grade on the basis of an inspection of their agency and other carers within their group? Also, an Agency made up of people from a Nursery would be unable to inspect Childminding settings, and vice versa, as they are totally different in the way they work.

    We are constantly bombarded via the News about the ‘cost of childcare’, yet the majority of us work for low pay in relation to the hours we work and the high costs incurred in providing a safe, stimulating environment for children. Paying Agencies for Agency Membership, which is neither wanted nor advantageous in any way with regard to children or their parents, can only mean higher childcare costs as this further burden on us will have to be borne by those using our services. In fact, I can’t see the benefit to anyone other than it will mean cuts in Local Authority/Government spending as there will be cuts to the support we receive and there will be fewer inspections for Ofsted to undertake.

    My main focus will remain, as it has been throughout my childminding career, to provide the best possible service to the children and their parents and, to this end, I will NOT join an Agency – parents will be able to see, from my own Inspection, what standard of childcare they will be receiving – giving them, as Political Parties are so fond of promising – Transparency.

    Yours faithfully,

    Patricia A Dickson (Mrs)
    Registered Childminder.

    • Great letter Patricia – I am going to copy it into a word document so that it can be put on the page with the other letters sent in – as well as leaving it here in the comments section

      Thank you for posting it

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