Comments from petition site being sent to the DfE on 2nd August 2013

The Stop, Listen, Consult petition is central to the campaigning against the proposals within More Great Childcare, and although the number of signatures is surprisingly low considering how many say they are against the proposal –  a lot of excellent comments have been left on the petition site.

In light of information from a ‘Freedom of Information’ request that the DfE say that they have only had 21 letters and a very small petition against against childminding agencies – something had to be done!

So a push to get more people to send in letters started – and the response has been good so far and the DfE have now been sent at least  20 more letters(could be more these are just the ones that One Voice has been told about)  all clearly stating that do not want to join a childminding agency.

However – more needed doing – and then the comments on the petition site were considered as a potential source of additional evidence that people do not think that childminding agencies are a good idea.

So this morning (1st August 13) the comments list was down loaded – and the task of highlighting comments that referred to childminding agencies commenced. This proved to be a worth while task – as 181 separate comments about childminding agencies were identified.

These are now printed and will be posted to the DfE tomorrow (2nd August) along with a covering letter click here to read it Covering letter to DfE re comments

Do take the time to look at the comments your self – and not just the ones about childminding agencies – as the other comments are very interesting and demonstrate that people value the support of the  local authority and don’t want to see it go – they also want to be consulted before any further progress  with the current proposals or any future proposals takes place.

It is hoped that  the DfE  will take  notice and STOP, LISTEN, CONSULT.

You can read the comments  HERE Comments to send to DfE

One thought on “Comments from petition site being sent to the DfE on 2nd August 2013

  1. Thanks for all your hard work once again Penny – that is an amazing amount of responses, and a lot of printer ink! I sincerely hope the DfE take note and acknowledge all the letters and comments being made against agencies.

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