Sample letters to send to the Department for Education

It is very important that we send as many letters  to the DfE about childminder agencies as we can.

The content of the letter needs to be short and to the point, as we know from letters we sent in about the ratio issue and More Great Childcare in general, that the letters are not read fully and responses (when received) show that the letters had not been read.

It is the number of letters that is important – so please share these sample letters with as many people as possible – colleagues, Local Authority,membership organisations, family, friends, and neighbours.

Sample letter to DfE for childminders to send in

Sample letter to DfE for parents to send in

If you use the sample letters – please make sure they are personal to you.

NB  The childminder one has address in the ‘Footer’  – please change to your own (if not included your address elsewhere)or just remove.

If you would rather – please compose your own short letter

Send all letters to

Department for Education
Castle View House
East Lane


Pacey have updated the page on the website to include links to the One Voice sample letter and the Childminding Forum sample letter

Link to Pacey website for sample letters


Copies of letters sent to DfE can be found on here  Link to page with letters sent to DfE

2 thoughts on “Sample letters to send to the Department for Education

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