Online groups that provide information and support

Please Note; The groups that are listed here all offer support and peer to peer advice, some are for all childcare professionals, some for just for childminders, and some are to specifically support those who wish to remain independent Ofsted Registered Childminders

However you should be aware that some of the groups listed here, do have policies that exclude some people, some opinions and links to other support networks, and delete any information that does not comply with the groups rules.

As it is not the policy of One Voice to withhold information about support groups that some people may fine useful – you are advised to check things out for yourself. A good self check method is to see if other groups listed here ( including this one –  One Voice) are promoted within groups you are interested in joining. If they are not you will have an indicator about how inclusive each group is in sharing information. 

If you are aware of any other online forums that should be included please send the details to

Facebook Groups

  • One Voice Together for Quality was set up as  a ‘sister group’ to this site. It is a open group and so everyone can join and everyone can read the posts without joining the group

  • The Childcare Professionals Advice, Support and Discussion group, is an open group and all childcare practitioners from all sectors are welcome to join. Parents and others who are interested in childcare issues are also welcome as members.

  • The Say NO to the deregulation of Childminders, is also an open group, and set up to provide information and discussion specifically about childminder agencies (more detail can be read on the page)

  • The Childminding Group is a secret group therefore you have to ask to join

  • The CHILDnetworking site is a secret group so you have to ask to join

  • The Childminders Support Group is also a secret group, so you have to ask to join

  • This is the Facebook page for Pacey – however it is not just for Pacey members anyone can read the posts, post themselves or add comment

  • This Facebook group is affiliated to the Childminding Forum and is a closed group, therefore you have to ask to join

Online Forums

All of the forums below require people to register as members

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