Contacting the Department for Education about childminding agencies

It appears that the Department for Education has only had 21 letters objecting to childminding agencies and signatures from one very small petition, so 22 responses in total.

It would seem that all the letters that have been sent to MP’s, Ms. Truss, Mr. Cameron, the media and so on – have not been counted!

Therefore we are all going to have to write directly to the Department for Education (DfE)- to make sure they get the message – that a lot more than 22 people are against childminding agencies.

So if you have already written to you MP or anyone else – make a copy of it and send it together with a short note to the DfE saying what it is about and when you sent it to the Mp (or whoever)

If you have not already written to anyone about childminding agencies – now is your chance to tell the DfE!

Plus if you are writing to the Peers in the House of Lords – you might like to send a copy of that to the DfE as well.

Hope they get hundreds and hundreds of letters now – 22 letters indeed – selective counting more like.

The address you need to send you letters to the DfE is –

Department for Education
Castle View House
East Lane


And to help stop anymore ‘creative counting’ – could you please also send a copy to One Voice so it can be added – and counted here. And if you would rather not have your letter published on here – could you just email your name and if your letter was for or against childminding agencies to  – so that a record can be kept of how many do write to the DfE about childminding agencies

For some reason – Don’t quite trust this government not to cherry pick information or what they tell us.

4 thoughts on “Contacting the Department for Education about childminding agencies

    • Indeed May – not much difference. And you are correct it is 21 letter – plus one small petition – so 22 responses in total.

      Not technically correct as everyone who signed the petition that has been handed in was actually a response.

      I will correct the factual error on the post

  1. I have sent a hand written letter posted today about how I do not want agencies, I am very surprised the total still stands at 21 why are other childminders not complaining?

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